Technology vs Functionality

Posted on 07/05/2020 00:49:00
When we set out to build something that has never been done before, we also end up building the tools along the journey. Technology is the underlying toolset that helps us deliver the overall service to the end customer. RubixWorks is as driven by technolgy beliefs as it is by the functionality it offers - and the primary theme across both is to keep it simple.

It is easy to throw a lot of technical complexity and jargon and make a system very complex. But over time, the one thing that continue to strongly believe is that we have to keep things simple. Facebook is simple to use. My dad did not need a user manual to start using gmail. My mom who has never used a computer, is very comfortable on WhatsApp. And that is the power of simplicity.

The other thing is consistency of behaviour. Ctrl+C Ctrl-V has become the universal behaviour to copy and paste something. Digital operations like browsing, taking a mobile pic, transferring money over google pay are examples where people have picked up on how to do something without needing a detailed guide. While RubixWorks will have some great technology behind the scenes, it will aim to be a simple and consistent platform that makes doing things simple. When at cross-roads, we will shun complexity for simplicity - if for no other reason - other than that we are just plain lazy.

We cannot forget our technical roots. We are technologists at heart - we are still very kicked by new age techologies like Machine Learning and Quantum computing. But we are tempered by our need to makes these technologies useful rather than just use them for the 'coolness' factor that they bring in. While a lot of our story will focus on the features, we will also put down our technical story at the Asthrasoft Academy site for the geeks out there who dream of building their own platforms.

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