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Posted on 11/17/2019 23:01:00
Meet Mahesh, An Engineer From Karnataka Who Is Helping 1.5 Lakh Children Fight Malnutrition. The budding engineer said, “I wanted to do my dissertation in forensic science, and while researching the topics I came across the issue of malnourishment. Back in 2009, the headlines said that 42 percent of all children in India was malnutritioned which was a national shame. It was very disturbing since it was a silent killer and not everyone was aware of it.”

At that time, Mahesh found about blue-green algae called Spirulina that is often recommended as a dietary supplement to cover malnutrition. He says, “As per the World Health Organisation, even though micronutrients are needed in minuscule proportion they play a magical role and their absence is disastrous.”

To understand this process further, Mahesh took up the research opportunity with Mysuru premier food research institute, Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI). During his research, Mahesh found out that the nutrients provided by 1 gram of spirulina are equivalent to 1 kilo of fruits and vegetables which is why it is also given to astronauts in space stations.

Read all about how he decided to use this information to start Spirulina Foundation to combat malnutrition -

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