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AI in the Cloud

Posted on 06/03/2018 10:33:00
A few years ago, technology was about building web or mobile applications using java/C#/RoR or PHP with either Oracle/mySQL/Postgresql or SQL Server.  In the recent past, it has suddenly exploded into a variety of services around the cloud driven by AI.AI inherently needs a lot of computing and data storage resources. This is where the cloud comes in. While the cloud, by itself, can bring a lot of value, for AI, it is imperative.

A quick look at the services offered from the major vendors on the cloud shows the explosion of services. And to top this off, most of them also offer a marketplace of services from their partners based on these services. And there are a ton of other vendors like Oracle, Cisco, Intel, DigitalOcean, ServiceNow, SalesForce, Zoho etc which are providing even more services around which application can be built.

With all this, one really starts to wonder where we should start if we want to leverage these services and move our software into the next generation.

Artificial intelligence

Posted on 08/15/2017 10:00:00
Once in a decade technology evolves to the level where there is a tipping point. Putting together all these technologies can help customers leap frog into the next generation. And sometimes, we don't have a choice. When new vendors start offering better experiences, it now becomes the new baseline for customer expectations. With a host of technologies going mainstream, we are now at the tipping point for a new set of customer experiences in the next decade.

The critical trigger point for most of the changes is the evolution of the cloud. While cloud providers had offerings in the first decade of the century, it was only in the latter part of the second decade that it reached critical mass. The cloud brought a whole lot of related technologies also into the forefront - most notably, bigdata, IoT, analytics and machine learning. All of these are now headed towards the next technology tipping point - AI.

So what exactly is AI?

When a kid is born, it does not understand the world around us. Parents, siblings and society in general trains it to behave in an expected manner - sleep at night, have a bath and breakfast in the morning, head out to school/work, hang out with friends, communicate ideas, learn skills and so on. Once the kid "grows" up, it now mimics these behaviors (which evolution has deemed to make its life easier) that ensure its survival.

AI is the process where we now expect machines and systems to learn from its surroundings and evolve into a "better" (more efficiency and less error prone) version of itself. We have seen how software makes this possible. As more people use the google search engine, the search becomes more contextual and more accurate. As more folks tweet the sentiment can be derived from the tweets (see sentiment visualization). AI is now growing up to mimic the behaviors of the human race - and can do so without the limitations and bias that humans have.

While AI can be used in advanced research like DNA sequencing, genome mapping, cancer detection etc, it can also assist in various simple ways in our daily walks of life. It can be used to understand speech, interpret visuals, sense changes and take decisions based on the context of information that it possess. It can also help in prioritizing tasks and highlighting potential issues to help humans do better at their daily jobs. In the coming posts, lets explore the realms of AI and how we can leverage the same in our daily lives.

Tipping point

Posted on 07/03/2017 05:48:00
IT is a key component for any activity - be it farming, mining, rearing, healthcare, education, aviation or the more digital finance and e-commerce. In some of these activities IT has permeated less while in others it has played a key central role. One of the barriers to IT adoption has been the input of data into systems. Just the effort of entering patient data or crop growth data is such an effort that digitization has been slower. With the advent of IoT devices and sensors, digital transformation is set to impact most aspects of our activity.

With IT systems collecting data from various walks of life, it is important to use this data for better insights. This is where machine learning comes into play. Having evolved over time from the initial steps of DeepBlue playing chess to Libratus playing poker to AlphaGO playing the old Chinese game of Go, machine learning systems have come a long way. But playing games is only the least critical, but most effective way of tuning these algorithms and gaining confidence. With time these algorithms will drive cars, interpret visuals and audio, diagnose health and even create music.

The world is at a tipping point. The IT industry as we know it will be relegated to the back burner. With IoT, Machine learning, BizDevOps and the Cloud systems will transform beyond recognition. But they will focus on adding more value and insights into the various domains that we work in. We at Asthrasoft are passionate about this wave which focuses on making IT smart. We work with companies in making their processes smart, by leveraging AI across systems. Starting from software development to IT infrastructure to performance to business processes like planning and managing finances, we look at data and leverage machine learning to gain insights on improving efficiency.

Asthrasoft is a consulting organization where we offer consulting services around technology. Our Director, Praveen Srivatsa, is an industry veteran and has been recognized by Microsoft as a Regional Director for the past 17 years. He has been an MVP and a speaker in events like the Microsoft TechED,  Great Indian Developers Summit (GIDS), DroidCon, DevDays, Mix and other Microsoft Executive events. We have a firm belief that information technology when done right, can take us - as a race - to great heights. And we believe that we at Asthrasoft can play a small role in helping companies make their IT strategy smart.

If you are interested in making your IT systems smarter - talk to us. You can learn more about our thoughts around smart IT on our cognitive learning platform - StudiDesk. On StudiDesk we share our experiences around making IT smart in various walks of life. You can also leverage StudiDesk to create your own learning networks for your organizations.

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