Management Profile

Praveen offers both business and technology consulting to startups and enterprises. On the business side, he mentors innovative teams and help them with ideation, product design, evangelism, go to market plans and raising funds. On the technology side, he puts together the software architecture for Cloud, BigData and DevOps with Containers, AI/ML, IoT, Cognitive Services and Bots around Azure, AWS, Google and IBM Cloud platforms.

Praveen Srivatsa is a technology architect and advisor to multiple startups and product companies. He helps teams architect their technology solution around the latest technologies like Cloud, DevOps, Bigdata, IoT, AI/ML and BlockChain. He is hands-on on technology and was recognized as a Regional Director (one of 140 technology experts across the world) from 1999 - 2019 and an MVP in web technologies between 2006 - 2011 by Microsoft.

Praveen has an insatiable appetite for data in all forms - books, movies and even digital data streams. Very large number patterns are one of his favourite diet. He has been designing systems around cognitive services for over a decade. He is currently working with startups around AI/ML algorithms that power a robotic medical device and a cognitive video based assessment system.

He is a well known speaker and has delivered over 120 technology sessions at various events around the globe that includes Microsoft TechED, North Ameria. Starting out on SQL 4.2 and Oracle 7, he has been working with algorithms and systems that push the boundaries of size and performance of data operations. He presented a case study on managing a 100TB application with real-time analytics in 2011. He has delivered sessions on AI/ML at ODSC (Open Data Science Conference), DPS (Data Platform Summit), DellEMC HPC Innovation Symposium and MLDS (Machine Learning Developers Summit).

Praveen Srivatsa started dabbing with computers on a ZX-81 Sinclair at the age of 12 and was hooked on computing ever since. In college, while studying Mechanical Engineering at NIT Surathkal, he spent time in the computer lab writing programs for solving gear design and thermodynamics. Talk to him on ideating effective solutions using the latest technologies.

Asthrasoft's Engagements

Consulting CTO, Medical Robotic platform (2018 - current)

Praveen connected with a medical robotic firm in Jan 2018 and started working with them in designing and putting together the software platform for their robotic device. Along with the operational software to manage doctors, patients and schedules, the software also works with the on-board IoT controller to help control the device. The device outputs data from the 20+ sensors on board and the platform collects this and uses the same as an input to the machine learning algorithms. Video based sentiment analysis, stream data analysis and AI driven rehabilitation recommendation are all driven by the software platform.

Architect Advisor for a US based e-Commerce Order Fulfilment SaaS Service (2013 - current)

When a product company that already had a desktop based solution for the customers approached Praveen to help them move to the cloud, it was an interesting challenge. With the client in the US and the development team in Chennai, India, he helped the team architect and design the cloud solution without meeting them for the first 4 years. He continues to work with them as they scale their operations in the AWS cloud to over 200 customers and ensures that the service is running seamlessly (30-40% utlization) and also ensures that the costs are kept under control (about 200$/month for the AWS infrastructure).

Architecting a real-time travel booking solution (2yrs)

Praveen has worked with two different organizations separately in optimizing their travel booking management. In one, he helped them improve the performance of hotel rate searches from about 140secs to about 7secs by optimizing their SQL operations and helping them run multiple queries in parallel. In the other he helped them tune their micro-services architecture and external interfaces using Ignite caching and RabbitMQ Queues.

Consulting Architect for a cloud based hospital management system (2yrs)

In just two years, Praveen helped a VB6 based hospital management system migrate to the cloud and go live for one of their largest customers. Handholding the team on their C# and MVC skills, he helped them move their application to a web based solution deployed on the cloud. Leveraging their existing domain expertise, he mentored with their small product team on cloud and SaaS architecture. The team is now moving ahead to incorporate chat bots into their platform as they scale to support multiple customers on their new cloud solution.

Technology Advisor at a US based healthcare services company. (9yrs)

When a medium sized (120 member) healthcare services firm connected with Praveen to fine tune their technology services, he created a 360 degree plan of aligning their sales, recruitment, training and project management skills. He also helped them connect with customers and architect enterprise scale solutions. He conducted software archtiecture audits both for customers and for internal delivery teams and helped setup a complete quality assessment framework for all the projects in the organization. This helped them scale their operations to about 1500 people and 100M$ in revenue.

Network Management Product engineering, design and performance tuning (8yrs)

A NMS product company sought out Praveen's help in performance tuning their network management software with a need to scale their performance 10 times. Praveen jumped right in and even accepted a success based payment to help their Python/SQL Server scale from about 7K txns/sec to about 120K txns/sec in just about a month or so. Over time, he also helped them redesign the solution to handle millions of transactions/sec and support upto a 100GB data store in SQL Server. He helped them move customers from their existing Oracle based solutions to a more cost-effective SQL based solution that could scale. He presented this as a case-study at Microsoft TechED, Atlanta in 2011 on how we moved a 100GB solution from Oracle to SQL Server.

Sharepoint POCs (3yrs)

Praveen has helped multiple teams in getting their Sharepoint solution architecture right. This includes a university in Singapore, a java based project management solution and a very large media management product. In each of these cases, Praveen worked with their teams and played a hands-on role in getting their solutions on Sharepoint off the ground.

Incubation at Microsoft Technology Centers (1yrs)

Praveen worked with over 35 teams in incubating solutions around beta technologies for Vista using WPF/WCF/WF etc. He worked with MTC in India and Singapore where he helped the teams understand the technologies and conceptualize their solutions around it. In particular he worked with the StumpVision team where their product was showcased by Steve Ballmer and Anil Kumble on stage and Re-Mix India.

Microsoft Beta Training (1yrs 2mos)

When Microsoft decided to start training and support on beta software, it engaged with Praveen to help them with the interal knowledge creation. Praveen spent time with the product team in Redmond and created the training material for SQL2005 and VS2005 and delivered the same to multiple teams across India and China.

Incubations at Asthrasoft


RubixWorks is the next generation cloud platform for small businesses. RubixWorks enables the entire business operations including promotions, orders, sales, hr, projects, operations, purchases, payments and accounting in a single cloud-first mobile-first platform. RubixWorks is a superset of StudiDesk and once it is out of beta, both StudiDesk and can be powered by RubixWorks.


RubixQube is a conversation platform that can plug into any existing system and expose the same for a conversational interface. It is a SaaS platform with open connections that can be integrated with existing systems thus allowing an AI interface to a legacy platform. One of the first platforms to leverage RubixQube will be the RubixWorks small business network.


Any startup needs to play around with ideas before they become ready for the market. ExperimentHUB aims to enable disconnected teams to come together and experiment and learn accelerating innovation. ExperimentHUB will inturn be powered by RubixWorks.


StudiDesk is a cognitive learning platform. The toughest part of a learning platform is building up the content. While everyone has something that they can teach, the logistics of building out the content leaves only a few content contributors. StudiDesk uses a text-to-speech process to convert powerpoint decks into videos in a single click. The site is internally powered by StudiDesk.


Praveen worked with a set of students to undertake a research into blockchain implementation over media. This enables the media to be compressed and also be immutable thus ruling out any chance of tampering with the media. The BCM can be used in security footage, video conversations and other media operations leading to a trusted media exchange.

Praveen Srivatsa's Work Experience (9yrs 7mos)

Director, in4Velocity

2003 Jun - 2004 Mar (9mos)

As Director of in4velocity, lead the initial releases of the product that was an complete end to end ERP for services sector. It had modules for CRM, HR, Legal, Finance, Projects, Documents, Reporting etc. It was later modified to support a complete ERP for the real-estate sector. It went on to acquire 300+ customers in multiple countries.

Microsoft Practice Head, Orbit-e Consulting

2001 Nov - 2003 Jun (1yrs 8mos)

Managed the Microsoft Practice delivery of a services solutions for a large pharmacy firm in India. Participated in conceptualizing the architeture for various solution proposals that we offered to customers. Helped with the overall design of the internal portal and then helped to hive it off into a separate product and a separate company - in4velocity.

Project Manager, Aditi Technologies (now HARMAN)

1999 Mar - 2001 Nov (2yrs 9mos)

Architected and later managed the delivery of a dotcom solution on Commerce server for a retail client in Europe. This led to a long term engagement and the client continued with ADITI as a partner for over 7 years. Also managed the initial development of a generic framework for developing software solutions on Java and EJB.

Team Lead, CITIL (Citicorp) (now Oracle Financials)

1994 Sep - 1999 Mar (4yrs 7mos)

Started on a project for an Investment Banking solution and went on to be part of the team that productized the solution with SQL4.2 (Sybase) and Access 2.0 as the frontend. Was also a consultant at Citibank, Tampa, FL for a year aiding in the migration of a proprietary (AS400/Pinnacle Plus) solution to a client-server solution. Lead a team to deliver a customized version of the Investment Banking product to a large client in europe.

Praveen Srivatsa's Education

REC Surathkal (B.E. Mechanical)

1990 Jun - 1994 Jul

Praveen did his engineering with a mechanical degree in REC Surathkal, now called NITK. An average student, he was fascinated with computers and spent time writing programs for thermodynamics and gear design in fortran in his 3rd year. He did his final year project on CAD computing and was selected by one of the first companies on campus (CITICORP) as a software engineer despite his degree in mechanical engineering. Since then he has evolved into a software professional and has made his career around digital technologies.

DAVJVM, Ranchi (Class VIII - Class XII)

1985 Jun - 1990 May

Praveen joined DAVJVM when his father was transferred to MECON,Ranchi. Starting in class 8 with no prior knowledge in Hindi, he struggled with the language even as he excelled in maths and science. Teachers like Mrs Ramani Thyagarajan, Mrs Meera Krishnaswamy, Kar Sir and Mrs Asha Singh shaped his education as he stumbled along finding his way in between education and life. An introvert by nature, he made a lot of friends, but was rarely in any group activities like sports or music. He spent time with a friend - Vivek, with whom he shared a passion for mathematical equations and patterns.

Okene High School, Nigeria (Class VI - Class VII)

1983 Jun - 1985 Apr

Praveen joined Okene high School along with 12 other indian kids from Ajaokuta, Nigeria. A laid back place in the hills which was about 120kms from home, it was a very different schooling experience. The syllabus was of Oxford standard and included a high quality of Maths and Science. Most of the nigerian kids in Okene were older, with some as old as 28 (married with kids) when studying in class 7. It was a fun time and allowed the kids to be curious and explore and not be bogged down by studies and marks. The Indian diaspora celerated festivals, had potluck dinners, watched movies, planned world-tours and also connected with russion, french and german colonies. Travel (to Europe and the US) was one of the best teachers and expanded the view of the world at a young age. When his dad bought a ZX-81 Sinclair, he was first exposed to the world of computers and programming.

National English School, Rajajinagar 1st Phase, Bangalore (UKG - Class V)

1977 Jun - 1983 Apr

As his family moved to Rajajinagar, Praveen continued his education at National English School. This gave him the advantage of learning english as a first language. Somewhere around class 4, he along with some friends, started devouring books from a new library and it started off a lifelong passion for reading. Average at studies, he also tried painting, but goofing off with friends in various games was his main past time.

Mahila Mandali Montessori, N.R.Colony, Bangalore (Nursery - LKG)

1975 Jun - 1977 Apr

This marked the beggining of Praveen's formal education. With the montessori way of learning, he spent time at a young age learning to polish his shoes, stitch clothes and other basic activities.

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